Electrics energy prices

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In Spain from the 1st of April there’ll be a revolution: Electric has a maximum period of 3 months to proceed under the new billing system. That’s for small users ( with less power than 10 kW). New bill name’s PVPC  Volunteer price for Small Consumer Precio Voluntario para el Pequeño Consumidor (PVPC). The Electrical PVPC will be […]

Ecobonus: deduction of 65% of the costs

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The law of December 27th, 2013 number 147 allows you to deduct from taxes the expenses incurred for a good energy requalification of existing buildings sostitution of only a parts of existing buildings (walls, floors) or the replacement of windows the installation of solar panels for hot water production installation of condensing boilers or heat pumps […]

The negotiation

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Condurre una trattativa implica concentrazione e metodo. Nonostante negoziamo ogni giorno, ci sembra che stiamo negoziando solo quando è coinvolto un contenuto di alto impatto. Pertanto, anche se non è necessario arrivare ad un sequestro di persona (perché si negozia anche nello stabilire i turni di quando andare in vacanza dal lavoro), parliamo lo stesso di un […]

MUD declaration and Google Docs

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The 30th of April of 2014 exipired the period for the submission of the declaration MUD 2014, with data over 2013. In the site of http://www.ecocerved.it/ there’re the informations to download the software for the processing and transmission of data. First, however, must be analyzed. I suggest they used a query data via google docs. […]